The Grapes, Oxford

The Grapes in George Street, Oxford is the towns only surviving Victorian pub. I took this lovely image of it on the X-Pro1 using the 18-55mm lens, and then did some work in Lightroom using the Velvia preset and a graduated filter:

The Grapes


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Capturing Croyde and Lundy Island with the XF10-24mm & X-E2 combo

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on The Fujifilm Blog:
Follow Dale as he takes a journey round Devon’s beautiful Croyde Bay & Lundy Island. As you may or may not know the XF35mm is my ‘everyday’ lens but when it comes to landscape…

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This Stuff Matters

This video got me thinking, and I urge everyone who shoots digital to view it and act on it. Watch it NOW before it is too late.

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Southampton Uni Headstart Shoot

Had great fun this week using the X-Pro1 to shoot images of prospective students taking part in an ‘experience’ session in the electronics lab at Southampton University. Here are just a few of the images, all of which were taken without flash and from 800 iso to 1000 iso:

_14W2982 _14W3003 _14W3012 _14W3024 _14W3042 _14W3073 _14W3081 _14W3088 _14W3122

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Singer Clare Dussek

Just occasionally, very occasionally, I see somebody that I just feel I have to photograph. This happened recently whilst sitting in a bar/cafe one evening listening to undiscovered talent playing for free. A young voice struggled against the very loud hubbub of the audience whilst playing her electric ukelele. I found her boyish looks and styling attractive so I asked singer Clare Dussek to let me photograph her, and she very kindly agreed.

I shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and just the 18-55mm lens on a very bright day utilising the backdrop of a couple of old buildings close to the cafe where I had first seen her, and I am very pleased with the outcome. Highlight control was a little difficult but with judicious use of the sliders in Lightroom 5 everything was fine. Below are couple of examples (who says the X-Pro1 can’t do action?) and you can see the full gallery on this link.

Clare Dussek Clare Dussek


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Sometimes you just need to sit, and others you need to sit and think …

Elderly man resting

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First Foray into the World of Digital

In October 2003 my wife and I travelled to Umbria to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary, and I took with me my first ever digital camera. It was a Fuji Finepix S2Pro which I had bought because it was capable of taking a Leica to Nikon lens adapter, and up until that time I had been shooting with a Leica R8 SLR. Because of the high expense of Compact Flash cards at that time (£240 for a 1gb one!) I had limited storage capacity, so I only shot jpegs. My initial impressions were pretty average.

Times have of course moved on, as has processing software and my knowledge of what it can do. Because I am now in the process submitting some of those earlier digital images to a new (to me) stock agency, I have been taking a new look at them and reprocessing them using Lightroom 5.5, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of them.

The image below of the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi was taken on a Nikon 18mm lens at 800 iso (probably because I forgot to reset the camera from shooting interiors). The shutter speed was 1/750 @ f13.

Assisi - basillica of St. Francis



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