R.I.P. Acker Bilk

I was very saddened to hear today of the death of British jazz legend Acker Bilk. I was lucky enough to photograph his 80th birthday concert at the Concorde Club in Southampton. He provided the music of my youth with his hit ‘Stranger on the Shore’ which was in the charts for 55 weeks and charted both here and in the United States as well as Europe. R.I.P Acker.

Acker Bilk

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The Face of Music

My latest exhibition “The Face of Music” is now hanging at Mettricks in Southampton until the end of the year and features 16 images of musicians such as Nigel Kennedy, Isaac Hayes and Hugh Masekela amongst others.

I will be having a “meet the photographer” evening on Thursday from 6.30 p.m. so if you can make it you would be very welcome (it is an open mic night).

Special thanks to Mettricks, London Camera Exchange and Fujifilm UK for their continued support!


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Signalbox Stove

Taken at Sheringham Station in Norfolk in 2008. Just reprocessed in Capture One Pro 8 using ‘Punched City’ style.


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Lightroom v Capture One Pro 8 – amended

I have been having a lot of trouble getting my Fujifilm X-Pro1 work through Alamy quality control using Lightroom. I have been trialing the new Capture One Pro 8 and have now had 3 submissions in a row go through with no problems. As a long time C1 user I knew it was pretty good, but IMHO Lightroom now has a very serious rival. I would suggest you give it a go.


It would seem that maybe I was a bit premature with my comments about Alamy submissions above as I now have a submission stuck in Quality Control which is really annoying. I am obviously VERY careful about my work which is accepted with no problems by 4 other libraries, but for some reason I am having trouble with Alamy lately. This has been going on for maybe 6 months. I would stress that I am no newcomer to them as I have 3000+ images with them and sell pretty regularly.

Nothing in the above detracts from my feelings about Capture One V8.


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Changing Direction?

Over the many years that I have ben pressing the button on whichever camera I have been using at the time the centre of my focus has been primarily on people – people of all shapes and sizes from royalty to clowns, blushing brides to some young ladies who you would find it very hard to make blush!

Lately though I have been thinking of more mellow things such as the beauty of nature, the glory of a sunset or the majesty of a solitary tree. Maybe it is age, maybe it is the loss of my darling wife a year ago, maybe it is subconscious rebellion against the horrors of the daily news bulletins. Who knows? All I know is that a change is taking place in my head. This was brought to the forefront when I listened to a master Charlie Waite and looked in depth at some of his wonderful images. Don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed a good landscape, but they have never been the focus of attention for my lens.

I will confess that one of the salient factors has been that I have never felt that I can ‘see’ landscapes and, as photographers, I feel sure you will understand. However I have decided it is to change all that and I have decided to try and master the landscape and concentrate on it more from now on. Whether it will work or not is another matter, but if I don’t try then I will never know. A quote I heard today is where I am at with this at the moment – ‘every river starts with a small trickle’. I have posted a couple below of what my new thinking is about, and I will see how I get on – so watch this space!

Flower Basket Blossom & Trees Island, Tromsø Fjord



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Oxford Photography Festival

I had a great day yesterday at the Oxford photographic festival. Cam back inspired, especially after listening to the great landscape photographer Charlie Waite. Tremendous portraits in the Mathematics faculty (wonderful building!) and beautiful small black and whites in St. John’s College by Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti. Pentii got a 20 YEAR grant from the Finnish government to do his work – can you imagine that in the UK?

We stumbled on the Festival office at the end of the day located in a cafe. It was one small table with a not very enthusiastic man sat behind it. This is the first Festival and, if repeated, more visibility would be helpful. That said, if you can I would thoroughly recommend looking at some of the work there.


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Robert Mitchell’s ‘Invocation’

I hade great fun on Friday shooting the rehearsals for a tremendous new piece of work by talented composer/pianist Robert Mitchell in Bournemouth. I shot with the X-Pro1 between 4000 and 6400 iso using the 35mm f.14 Fuji XF lens and the Samyang fisheye. You can see a selection of the images at:


and there is a review of the event with one of my images at:


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