Success with LFI galleries

LFI is a German based organisation which publishes Leica-based books, magazines etc. as well as hosting on-line galleries on their website. As a user of Leica cameras I host a personal gallery there and the editors select for their gallery from those images, together of course with other photographers. I am delighted to say that of late I have been successful with having a number of images honoured by selection:

You can view the individual certificates by clicking on them. All were of course taken on Leica equipment, the first one being taken on film. If you want specific details of equipment etc. feel free to contact me. Prints are available of the images featured.

















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I ate the subject!

I wandered into my local dealership the other day, and walked right into a Canon promo day where one of the reps was selling his wife’s home-made jam (jelly) in aid of cancer charities. I told him I wouldn’t switch to Canon, but I would buy a pot of his jam if I could photograph the pot lids. I think he thought I was slightly crazy, but here is the result which just goes to show you never know when and where you are going to see something worthwhile, so keep your eyes open!

(Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 at 800iso, Shop lighting only)

I ate the subject, it was delicious!

(Southampton, England)


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The Camera never Lies

This image was taken in Barcelona in 2014 when I stumbled across traditional dancing in the square outside the cathedral in the centre of the old town. It is a simple image and started life as a coloured shot with a very colourful crowd in the background. What you are seeing here is a crop of the original. So there we have it, two friends holding hands aloft as part of a traditional dance, much as a couple may in a jive.

Now let’s take it out of that context and put it into the context of Catalonian independence, or for that matter any other political arena. What do we now see? We see unity, we see togetherness, we see standing together for a common cause. No longer do we see the joy of dancing but now the stress and anguish of politics.

The camera never lies, but the photographer may distort the truth!

(Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

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Just One Roll of Film #2

Back in 1994 I became aware that Salisbury Livestock Market was to move from its city centre location to an -out-of-town site to make way for a major new supermarket development. To put you in the picture (forgive the pun) the market had been on its town centre site for some considerable time, and was on the route between housing estates and the market square where large markets are still held twice a week. This meant that mothers and children walked through the market regularly, and it was a real part of the community. Children could see animals, city dwellers could mix with country folk and so on.

I wanted to record the existing life of the market before it disappeared, and obtained the permission of Southern County Auctioneers to do so. They co-operated by making the buyers and sellers aware that I was there with permission, as I was afraid of animosity in this fairly tight-knit circle. This fear was borne out when I met a press photographer whilst shooting: he was there photographing in relationship to the B.S.E. crisis that was happening in the beef industry at the time, and was getting very little co-operation.

The project took about a year and culminated in an exhibition at the Salisbury and South Wilts Museum in the cathedral close at Salisbury, my first ever exhibition. I tried to get the supermarket chain (Waitrose) to sponsor me but they were not interested, however a donation of film from a major manufacturer helped.

I have taken just one roll out of all the films I shot to illustrate this post. It was taken close to Christmas and shows a true slice of working life. I am still working with the market at their new location, and with their co-operation, and I am pleased to say that one of my images from the project has been published by National Geographic. I hope you enjoy the 9 images here (dated 1995).

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On my recent trip into the city this guy came and sat next to me. I have wanted a ‘vaping’ shot for some time, and he was concentrating so much on his mobile phone he didn’t notice me shooting with my Leica M9 and 24mm Elmarit f2.8 lens. For non-English readers ‘vaping’ is the English word for smoking e-cigarettes. It shows you are better off shooting with wide angles on the street than with telephotos. As Magnum photographer famously said Robert Capa “if your photos era’t good enough, you are not close enough”

(Southampton, England 2017)

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Henley Historic Regatta

As I am sure many of you know I am going back through my old negatives to make sure they are in my digital archives, and I am finding some that I have overlooked in the past. I particularly like these four from 1995 which form a lovely grouping from the Henley-on-Thames historical regatta. Another life, another society, another time. I hope you like them too. (Taken on Ilford HP5+ using Canon camera).

(Henley-on-Thames, England 1995)

(Henley-on-Thames, England 1995)

(Henley-on-Thames, England 1995)

(Henley-on-Thames, England 1995)

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Willy Ronis

I have just been looking again at the wonderful photography of French photographer who, for me at least, ranks up there with the great names of Henry Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau. When it comes to the world of social documentary photography there are few who surpass him in his capturing of the lives of the working man.

I first saw his work in Oxford maybe 30+ years ago and knew then that I was in the presence of a master. I travelled to Oxford on the strength of a couple of images seen in a magazine publicising the exhibition, and recall I had trouble finding the gallery. My efforts were not disappointed. Even now every time I see his work I sit with a smile on my face at his penetration of everyday life.

He is often overlooked in these days of hurried street photography in overblown oversaturated colour but I would urge you to look for him and the subtlety of his soft monochrome images – he is and always will be one of the greats!

You can see his work, and smile with me I hope, on this YouTube video which I hope you will find are a few minutes well spent.




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Now on Tumblr!

I am pleased to say that you can now follow my images on Tumblr at

They display well there, and I would be delighted if you felt able to follow me.

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The Ring

This image, taken last summer using a Leica M7 loaded with Fuji Neopan 400CN film at Salisbury Livestock market, has just been chosen as a favourite by National Geographic editor David Y. Lee – quite an honour, and the second time this image from the Leica M7 has been chosen by National Geographic!

An animal for sale is paraded in front of prospective bidders whils the auction takes place. Taken at the Southern Counties Auctioneers ring near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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The Jazz Ticket

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