It is (sadly) amazing!

Today I visited a stock library that, sadly, has ceased trading. I went to collect my transparencies and to wish the staff there good luck for the future.   They returned my work on film safely to me – I am not worried about the digital work because one of the nice things about digital is that you never part with the original, you just copy the file, and then either ftp it or post it on a disk to the library. Or so I thought!  Sadly they told me a tale that I found pretty unbelievable in the digital world we live in.

It would appear that one photographer is complaining that he submitted his only copy of some of his digital work to them, and he now wants it back.  I will confess I just sat there open-mouthed when I heard this.  How stupid can you be!  It is so simple to keep your original on your computer (which should also be backed up on to another external drive etc. etc.) and then submit an identical copy to a library.  It is simple, isn’t it?  Please, please, please back up your work – my Apple iMac does it automatically every hour so it isn’t hard work.  I am sorry but in my opinion anyone who loses work through not backing up gets what they deserve.  I feel sorry for the photographer, but for goodness sake be professional.  Everything everywhere tells you to be ultra safe.



About Gerry Walden

I am a stock photographer with far more years of experience than I would care to mention. Located in Southampton (UK) I am sandwiched between two national parks and my home town is a major seaport. I shoot mostly people related images, and travel when I can. I am resident photographer at a major concert venue in the town which means I get to shoot a variety of musicians.
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