Erosion of freedom

I don’t often post a blog about political matters, in fact I don’t think I have ever done so before but I think this is important. There is a proposed bylaw to make the taking of any photograph for any business purpose in Parliament Square or Trafalgar Square in London illegal unless you have written permission of the Mayor. This will not only seriously curtail the freedom of the press to make images of anything that happens in these two areas, be it riots or acts of kindness, but it will also stop stock photographers making legitimate images of iconic London landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the National gallery etc.

It is a long held freedom in this country, and most other ‘democratic’ countries to make images whilst on public land, and this is a serious infringement of that right. It will aslo stop the legitimate freedom of the press to report incidents such as any protest camp, political rally etc. etc.

I have held the belief for the whole of my life that I live in a free country – obviously I have been wrong!

You can read a pdf of the proposed bylaw for Trafalgar Square here and I would draw your attention to Byelaw 5(1)(p).


About Gerry Walden

I am a stock photographer with far more years of experience than I would care to mention. Located in Southampton (UK) I am sandwiched between two national parks and my home town is a major seaport. I shoot mostly people related images, and travel when I can. I am resident photographer at a major concert venue in the town which means I get to shoot a variety of musicians.
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