Update and Rant

It has been a long time since I last posted here and for that I apologise. I will confess that there have been a dark days since my dear wife Pat died suddenly in Barcelona in September 2013, and it has taken me a while to get my life back on track and start living again. I am sure my readers will understand and bear with me. I thought however that it is time I did an update on where I am now.

I think I have become more politically aware these days, and looking back I guess I was always so but this had been sidelined through other events. However I do feel that in a so-called affluent city the need for food banks should not be necessary. I look around this place where I grew up and have spent virtually all of my life and I see a town centre which is full of empty shops, a town centre which is showing increasing signs of poverty. And yet virtually every day a number of massive cruise liners arrive here spilling their cargo of passengers on to our streets to spend their money. I also see some of the largest container ships in the world delivering ever-increasing volumes of consumer goods, and as I sit in my favourite cafe-bar at night cars worth thousands of pounds parade the streets. Something is basically wrong.

I am now working on a self-motivated piece of socio-documentary work trying to show the work of the five food banks we now have. Around 5% of the city population found it necessary to draw on their resources last year. It is a work in progress, and I am not yet in a position to publish any images as I am still shooting, but I want to thank Southampton City Mission for their co-operation on bringing this hopefully to public attention.

My other plans for the year are to shoot stock images in Belgium (end of July), New Delhi (early October) and then to return to Barcelona in November to work alongside one of the greatest street photographers I know, Lluis Ripoll, again. I will, of course, be shooting stock at all three places. In the meantime you can bring yourself up to date with my work on my web site.

Thanks for allowing me to rant, and I hope to keep you more up to date with my life and work from now on.


About Gerry Walden

I am a stock photographer with far more years of experience than I would care to mention. Located in Southampton (UK) I am sandwiched between two national parks and my home town is a major seaport. I shoot mostly people related images, and travel when I can. I am resident photographer at a major concert venue in the town which means I get to shoot a variety of musicians.
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6 Responses to Update and Rant

  1. Tara says:

    I think this is exactly why Bernie Sanders’ message appeals to so many. It’s obscene what is going on in this wealthiest of nations. No person should be hungry or homeless or go without medical care. It will take a long of work, and time, to right these inequities, but hopefully work like yours will illustrate the situation and get people to notice.

    We plan to be in Barcelona next spring to make pictures with Lluis. We had planned last spring, but bought a house and got married instead! Our Cuba trip has got us fired up for more adventure.

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. Apologies are not necessary Gerry. We lost our only granddaughter three years ago at aged ten months, from a very rare birth defect. It never really gets ‘better’, but we have learned to live with the loss via other distractions. Everyone has their own mental survival tactics. Photography, and more specifically, personal projects such as this one are what kept me going. Focusing (pun intended) on other peoples plight can sometimes put one’s own loss into perspective. Good on yer mate.

  3. Hi Gerry,

    Nice to see your plans and thank you for honouring me with your kind comment! I look forward to share some days in November, much better than in Summer, you can’t imagine how is Barcelona now! plenty of tourists!.


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