I was lucky enough to be walking through a flea market in Antwerp last week, taking a few images as I went and I came across a stall selling old family photographs in gilt frames, presumably so that people could throw the contents away and reuse the frames for their own memories (or maybe, sadly, create their own memories of the family they never had!)

It got me thinking about the value of the photographs we take, the history that they capture and the happy memories that are recalled every time we look at them. And yet sadly the use of phone cameras and other digital capture ‘tools’ such as the iPad make us much more likely to ever print those memories. The vast majority are never even downloaded from the capture device, living there until we regret their loss when we lose the phone or take more so the originals get overwritten. Where will the memories be for our own grandchildren? Will we be buying memories in a flea market in a foreign country just to give ourselves something to hang on to?

Old family photograhs and other momentos photographed in a flea market in Antwerp, Belgium.

Old family photograhs and other momentos photographed in a flea market in Antwerp, Belgium.



About Gerry Walden

I am a stock photographer with far more years of experience than I would care to mention. Located in Southampton (UK) I am sandwiched between two national parks and my home town is a major seaport. I shoot mostly people related images, and travel when I can. I am resident photographer at a major concert venue in the town which means I get to shoot a variety of musicians.
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5 Responses to Memories

  1. Gerry, the woman in the bigger frame at top left looks somewhat like my paternal grandmother (who I did not get to know)… At least she is from the same period. I don’t think I have the picture as things were divided when my parents died. But yes, the fate of today’s digital pictures in more than uncertain. However I don’t think there is any value of keeping pictures of someone who publishes selfies on Facebook half a dozen times a day! Maybe a psychologist would disagree.

    • Gerry Walden says:

      For me the selfie stick is the beginning of the end of photography. People visit the most beautiful places in the world and just photograph themselves in front of that beauty with a selfie stick.

  2. Ailsa says:

    Hi Gerry 🙂 I agree, we have similar wonderful pictures of our Victorian family (and a grumpy serious looking lot they were too!) but what do we have now? I make photo books for this very reason, there is still something special about picking up a book with glossy pictures and I get far more enjoyment from those than looking at electronic ones. And I couldn’t agree more about the selfie stick! A ridiculous invention!!

  3. Tara says:

    I have wondered, when at flea markets, if 100 years from now some hipster youths will be buying up old framed photos of yours truly. Weird to think of it.

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